Crossdressing for Stress Relief


One reason listed for crossdressing (in a psychology reference book) is stress relief.  Obviously the psychologist that came up with that scenario was not studying married crossdressers.   Especially if you are crossdressing and don't want your wife to know.

Consider what you have to hide.  Not just the fact that you crossdress, but every little detail that may give you away:

The wife has a night out bowling with her friends, so you have four hours to do whatever you want.  Yes! Crossdress time.  But darn, she is slow in getting out and you're fifteen minutes behind schedule.  You don't have all the clothes, so you decide to borrow some of hers.  This can get tricky.  You notice how and where they were hung in her closet.  You're sure to close drawers to the same position and don't mess up the contents.  Heaven forbid if you damage anything--how will you explain that?  You're careful not to scuff the shoes and you handle the jewelry with kid gloves.

Okay, now you have everything together.  Better do makeup first so it doesn't get on the clothes.  If you use hers, it goes back in the same place, same condition--brushes can't look like you painted the side of the house.  You avoid putting makeup near your neck because it might get on the clothing neckline.  Are your hands shaking yet?  Don't push too hard with her lipstick; it might smash or break.   Finally!  Clean your hands and get dressed.  You look great.  Unfortunately the make up took an hour and a three fourths to get it just right--those lashes are always a problem. Dressing carefully so as to not damage anything took another forty-five minutes.  Still...that leaves one hour and thirty minutes.  Plenty of time.

Or is it?

Close all the curtains--wouldn't want the neighbors to know you crossdress.  Map out your escape route in case she comes back early.  Leave time, about twenty minutes, to vacuum the rug to remove telltale heel marks.  Oh yeah, they're all over.  Check for scuff marks on the tile and wood floors.  Better yet, stay off the hardwood floors because it's impossible to erase those stiletto heels indentations--they only have about 3000 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Might as well take some photos.  Too bad you don't have a one hour photo shop next door.  Get out the equipment: tripod, camera, props, and a complimentary backdrop.  A full length mirror is handy for checking poses.  Don't get too close, you might cut off the heels in the photos.   Probably better to aim low than high.  That took fifteen minutes just to set up.  Click, click, click.   Another twenty minutes, my how time does fly.

Well that's okay, because you still have thirty-five minutes to do whatever you want.  Whoops--forgot that everything will have to be put back and that makeup has to come off.   That will most likely take thirty-five minutes if you push it.  Good thing you don't smoke, or your time (five minutes per cigarette) would have been in the hole. finished, including rugs, with five minutes to spare.  Was that her car pulling in the driveway?

Oops--one last check for stray false eyelashes and fingernails.

Well that was relaxing wasn't it.

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