Overcoming Fears

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What Fears

What are we afraid of; getting caught? Caught by whom. Being embarrassed? Being attacked? Which are justified which are not.


If you do go out, some words of caution to heed.   Day or night can make the difference between day and night. Max vs Min risk, you may feel more comfortable in the dark, but don't let that fool you.
Maximum riskMimimal risk

 Why get out
Why get out? Are you kidding?

Why not? If you want to, just do it.

    Getting out part I  
Some places to go to for one's first time out.

    Getting out part II  
More exciting ideas of places to go..

    Getting out part III  
Stay at home?


Difficult people those that would cause you trouble. How I handle them when confronted.

Discrimination can happen anywhere

My experience at the Cheshire Inn. One bigoted individual can disrupt your evening. How poor attitude and lack of management skills can shed a nasty light on a business. Don't go here this place is not representative of St. Louis' businesses.

Oh oh Police

Friend or Foe. An officer will probably not be too accepting of our life style, but if he is properly performing his duty he will be on our side.

Hate Crimes

Transgender protection under the laws of the State of Missouri. Additional penalties of class D felony.


What to do if you're asked to dance.

This can happen when you are out, so it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Of course, you can always decline. Or?


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