What Crossdressers Should Do if Stopped by the Police

Pull over, turn on your dome light and keep your hands on the steering wheel. (If your seatbelt wasn't buckled, better buckle it before you pull over.)

Don't offer more information than is requested.

Be honest; don't try to make up some lame story, because what the officer sees is what he is going to believe.

If the officer addresses you as ma'am, politely let him or her know right away you are a sir before he sees it on your license. That way he will not think you are trying to pull something over on him. If he doesn't address you by gender, he probably already knows, and there's no need to tell him up front. If I am pulled over in the future, I think my response will be, "Thank you for addressing me as Ma'am, I am transgendered."

It probably is best not to try to talk your way out of a ticket. If you believe you did not do anything incorrect and are given the opportunity, calmly state what you believe happened and then pleasantly take the ticket and fight it in court, pay it, or take it to a lawyer and have him handle it.

If you have had too much to drink and you're arrested, ask for a separate cell. Having a letter from a psychologist, saying you're transgendered, may be helpful. If you appear just borderline intoxicated, the officer may just have you sleep it off in your car or have you call someone to pick you up. The lesson here is: don't over drink.

Most police are aware of crossdressers and will not be very shocked. Unless a total psycho cop stops you, you will be fine if you keep your cool.

For a much darker side of police treatment to the GLBT community see Stonewalled - Amnesty International.   (off-site link)


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