Step Two: Getting Out of the Closet

Attitude is key to getting out and having fun. Think Shinia Twann 'Man I feel like a woman.' Get into the walk, do the best with makeup, look presentable and smile. You deserve to be out just as much as anyone else. Ignore any insults, graciously accept compliments, compliment others and have fun.

A great way to get out is to go to a TG convention. There is a convention every month somewhere in the states. They are usually on the weekend and everything is usually arranged, except for transportation. You will probably be in another city, so the likely hood of running into someone you know is remote. Most of the meals are usually included in the price. There are seminars to attend and evening entertainment. You can spend extra on makeovers, books, clothing and lots of other stuff. Field trips are usually optional. Everyone is in the same boat, so you can meet others and make some friends.

If a convention is too expensive or impossible to arrange, go shopping. Smaller stores are easier to handle than malls. If you can get a friend to go with you it is less stressful.

Halloween is another time to get out. Remember the TV show Beauty and the Beast. It was the one time of the year when he could get out without being spotted.

There are various events around St. Louis during the year where crossdressing is found. Art Prom in January, Banana Bikers Ball in Feb. and Pridefest in June are some of the events. Rocky Horror is another when playing.

In St Louis, there are several areas that are very friendly to people of alternate lifestyles. The Loop and Central West End are two areas with several restaurants. Go to one of these with a friend for dinner.

A few years ago I tried all of the proceeding and decided it was time to try some straight bars. I was amassed at how easy it was to go in after the first few times. Most people were accepting and there were only a few that gave disapproving looks. Of course, it does pay to be selective in the bars you choose. Hopefully, the TG Guide will be helpful in finding places to go. Also, the article bigots might be helpful in dealing with difficult people.

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