Why Get Out

If you're reading this, you probably have been thinking about getting out. If you have been crossdressing for some time, like most of your life, you are most likely a crossdresser. Forget about stopping, it is virtually impossible. That's the news good or bad. The really good news is crossdressing and getting out can be one heck of a lot of fun.

Once out of the closet, the guilt and shame that usually comes with crossdressing can be shed. This is when one starts to become liberated. We did not ask to be crossdressers. There is no guilt in being ourselves. The shame and guilt come from trying to hide who we are. By getting out, even if it is just to a drag bar or TG organization, we begin to say, "This is who and what I am." Then we can start really enjoying our lives.

Don't mistake getting out and "coming out" as the same, although getting out can be risky, in a large city the chances of being spotted by someone you know are remote. I went out for years before I came out to family and friends. For more information on "Coming Out" go to "Basic Transgender Info" in top menu or click here for part 3.


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