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Sharon DeWitt in wine countryCowgirl

Taking a day trip to wine country to look for that special spot for a photo opt.



Sharon's wedding dressWedding Dress

My favorite Wedding Dress. I just loved the train on this dress and best part was the price.



transgender heelsHigh Heels

Torture on the feet. Great sex appeal. Are they necessary for that sexy look? Maybe not. A bit of history, some personal experiences and a bit of experimenting.


Professional Photographer Visit Ben Lemon's Studio Sharon DeWitt

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a photographer's studio? Not the stand and poise environment, more like you move, I'll shoot. Rapid fire, quick change. This was my first experience. Later this month, I plan to do an outside shoot somewhere in St. Louis with another professional photographer. This is my shoot with Ben Lemons Photography.

Tree Nymphs SpottedTree Nymph DeWitt

First time ever photos of tree nymphs in St. Louis County. This is not our normal getting out adventure, although it is an adventure with a little stretch of the imagination.

More Tree NymphsTree Nymph St Louis

The tree nymphs are definitely in St. Louis County. They are climbing the trees and soon will be out. Why have they stayed in hiding for so long? There are so many exciting things they could be doing Out and About.

love these boots  TGToday

Giving winter the boot. A collection of outfits with emphasis on boots. Are boots still in style during the summer. Probably not, but they do have a bit of a sassy appearance with summer wear.

TG Today Gallery

Having just recently been introduced to Angela, I was taken by her warm, slightly shy personality. She is amazingly photogenic.

Lisa Grant

Lisa and I have been getting out together weekly to several night spots for over a year. During that time we have met and become friendly with so many wonderful people. Almost every time we are out is an experience not always positive, but definitely exciting. On occasion, Lisa is a guest performer at Blake's.

TG Today Gallery

A collection of various photos. Lots of different outfits. I really do need to sell some of these outfits. "HELP! I'm running out of closet space."

TG Today Gallery
Little Red

A lot of time and fun setting up the shots and changing clothes plus a little work with photoshop to create these composite photos.   Oh those wild animals. "Look out, little red!"

Options Salon and Sharon DeWitt

Options Salon

It is always a pleasure to go to Options Salon and visit with Richard Tracy. Although he doesn't currently have his boutique of fine clothing, Richard is still doing his magic with makeovers and hair styling and care. Call for a make over appointment well in advance.(several weeks)  I do miss trying on all those wonderful outfits.

Sharon DeWitt at Syrens

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