Transgender Cowgirl in the Country

My daughter and I took a day trip to wine country, looking for some interesting places to take some fun fall photos. Obviously, I must have had some ideas in mind, giving the outfit I had on.

Sharon in wine country wine country Miissouri crossdressing Route 94 Sharon DeWitt

It must have been the boots that inspired me.

Sharon by the corn stalksFall Colors

Oh boy a pumpkin patch. Which pumpkin should I get. They are all the same, orange.

Sharon Sharon DeWitt

This was my favorite or was it this one. Maybe it was this one.

My favorite pumpkin

These things are heavy, maybe I'll settle for this small one.

Sharon DeWitt

Our next stop, a barn full of hay. This is a perfect photo spot.

HeySharon in the hayand more hey

I'm not sure how comfortable these are.


Sharon in the hey

And not very sturdy.

SharonSharon DeWitt

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