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Lisa Grant and Sharon DeWitt
More around town

St Louis so many places so little time.

Sharon DeWitt Halloween

A nurse, a Bavarian bar maid, and a magician’s assistant, definately a busy Halloween week

TG Today at Mayor's Ball
Mayor's Ball 2008

Look out, city hall, we are back.

TG Today Gallery
Halloween 2007

Once again Casa Loma Ballroom was filled with fun and excitement. Casa is always a great place to go, lots of wonderful people and a great dance floor.

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The Mayor's Ball 2006

How much better can crossdressing get than a black-tie gala event at city hall for where everyone is dressed to the max? We danced to Honey Vox, enjoyed the open bar and snacked at the grand buffet.

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Banana Bikers' Ball

Lucy, you got some splaning to do. Was that 6, 8 or 10 Lucy's? Well the more the merrier. What a fun evening. Darn that Limbo. It got me again, this time my toe.

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New Years 2005

Another great end to another great year


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Subterranean Ball

Just like the Banana Bike Ball. Lots of costumes and a costume contest. A great chance for TG's to get out and party without feeling out of place. Halloween in February.

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Banana Bike Ball

I missed this ball last year. It is well worth going to. An annual Charity event. Nice people, good food and lots to drink. Only one embarrassing moment doing the limbo. Should have worn a longer skirt.

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Happy New Years Eve 2004

We went to Smitty's Bar and Grill this year. Not as fancy as the last two years but much more reasonably priced. Lots of fun with the Ticket to the Beetles Band, a great crowd of nice people and the staff was just wonderful.

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Winter 2004 

We went to several new places in Nov and December and also kept in contact with the old. Sometimes I think I better slow down the pace.

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Fall 2004

I kept busy this fall going out two or three nights most weeks. Lisa and I tried some new places and had mixed results. I did leave the camera home more often, so not as many photos. I did take a few photos before going out.

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Halloween 2004

Although this year was not as long an event as last year, It was filled with fun and excitement. Casa Loma Ballroom was our choice to spend the evening. Casa is always a great place to go, lots of wonderful people and a great dance floor.

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Around town

A variety of Photos from some of the places we go to. Some photos were taken the weekend Cher was in town and we went to her concert.

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2004 photos out in St Louis

Boogie Chyld(pictured right) was in top form Friday and Saturday at the Bottleneck Blues Bar. My first time in a full length formal made for an interesting evening. Some of our other favorite night spots are pictured here include Generations,The Ritz, and Blakes. Thank you Richard Tracy at Options Salon for squeezing me in for a makeover and style.

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Danielle's Party 2004

Danielle has been brave enough to open her house for a tg party in February for the last several years. Several dozen people attend and a great time is had by all. This is the perfect event for anyone not wanting to get out to a bar, but wanting to get out and socialize.

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Girls' night Nov 2003

Lisa, Kathy and I were joined by several other gals at Generations in Sunset Hills.We knew a Kathleen and Jamey would join us after the STLGF meeting but were very surprised when Kathleen showed up with several others. The regulars at Generations were also surprised. The Waitresses loved it and hoped we would all come back soon. Well Lisa I guess they are getting bored just seeing our faces around there.

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Halloween 2003

They just keep getting better. This year for the weekend three of us rented a suit at the Sheraton Downtown. It was just like a mini vacation. 4 days three nights of crossdressing fun. The days were filled with shopping, eating at fine restaurants, makeovers and pedicures. The evenings were filled with dinner, drinking and dancing.

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Halloween 2002

My First Halloween out to a straight bar. Have a Nice Day  Cafe' is for the young generation, but oh so fun for dancing. Most all of the young ladies are friendly. young men have a tougher time handling the thought of crossdressing and someone being transgendered. (Have a Nice Day Cafe' closed Nov 2003)

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Soulard Market

One of St Louis' Landmarks, an open-air fruit and vegetable market, Soulard has been around for decades. This stop was part a fun day trip with Stephanie. Strolling amongst the fruits and vegetables.(watch the puns). It also gave me a chance to dress a little more conservative than my usually clubbing clothing. A St Louis Bread Co across the street provided a relaxing ending to a nice day.

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Girls' Night Oct 2002

An evening of trying new places and testing the waters. Not everyone is going to be tolerant and accepting but odds see to be that most are.


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