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St. Louis Social Groups

Check out STLGF and some of the other transgender social groups in St. Louis. You are not alone.

Around Town

We always find exciting places to go. One of our newest is Mile 277 Tap and Grill with a biker and sports bar atmosphere. Another is Seven at the Casino Queen. Both have bands and dancing on the weekend.

Mayor's Ball

The Mayor's Ball of 2009. Some lost photos I recently ran across. Not as much jubilation this year, most likely because of the downturn in the economy. Still, I loved the dress and thought the feathers went well with it.

WWII Reenactment

Sharon DeWitt at WWII reenactment
The World War II reenactment is an annual event at Jefferson Barracks. A weekend of fun with a dance on Saturday evening.

Ritz 2008

Sharon DeWitt at the Ritz
The Ritz-Carlton in Clayton was and is one of my favorite places to dance.

2007 in ReviewJP"s Corner Sharon DeWitt

Photos from some of the many great places we went during the year.

Pridefest2003-2010Pridefest St Louis Sharon DeWitt

Definitely an event worth going to. Always lots of friendly people, good music, food and crafts. Don't forget to go to the parade on Sunday morning. If your up to it join in or fall in as I did.

Professional Photographer Visit Ben Lemon's Studio Sharon DeWitt

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be in a photographer's studio? Not the stand and poise environment, more like you move, I'll shoot. Rapid fire, quick change. This was my first experience. Later this month, I plan to do an outside shoot somewhere in St. Louis with another professional photographer. This is my shoot with Ben Lemons Photography.

My High School ReunionWebster Groves High Reunion

This was a day I'll never forget.

Bands of St. Louis

Our feature band this month is Planet Boogie. Each month we will bring you a new band. At least for now.

Mardi Gras 2005 St Louis Mardi Gras Sharon DeWitt

I always wanted to be in the Mardi Gras Parade, I'm not sure why because I never even go to watch parades. This year I was bound and determined to make it. I force myself to get up up early that morning, never expecting what was about to happen.

TG Summer 2004 Sharon DeWitt Central West End

Another great summer, new friends , new bars, another parade and an enjoyable time at Pridefest. Yes, I did keep busy, and Lisa and I were constantly on the go. The members of a new social club, Party Girls, had their first get together in August and StLGF kicked off their new year September 18th. There have been casualties: Novak's moved to join up with Mag's, Attitude's may be closed for good, Blake's is closed at least temporarily and Have a Nice Day is gone. Good news is there are still lots of places to go.

Art Prom Art Prom Sharon DeWitt

This is a party you will not want to miss when it comes around again. If you missed your high school prom or just wanted a second chance at a prom this was it. I wish I could find a party like this every month. Everyone was absolutely wonderful.

New Year's Eve and December Fast Eddie's Sharon DeWitt

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new . A recap of December a fun filled month. with visits to KT's, Fast Eddies, Casa Loma and Generations. Finishing off the month and year at Generations with Former members of the Z-Band now called Planet X.

Ritz DeWitt Hudson  Grant

You just feel like singing "We're in the Money" when you spend an evening in the lobby bar at the Ritz Carlton. This is a place to dress up for.

Ameristar Trip Sharon DeWitt At Ameristar

>Keen observations by a transgendered gal just starting to get out. The more one gets out, the less attention they pay to wondering what others are thinking of them. Sometimes I become oblivious to others around me. Sometimes it becomes a game to watch there expressions especially when you acknowledge their looks with a warm smile.

Trip to Donaldson's Cycle Shop

Sharon and Kathleen(If you think you saw this article under the gallery section, you're right but it was just too much of a unique outing not to double up on.)

This was a new first for me and not one I would have thought of on my own. For some reason cycle's don't thrill me. Probably because they muss the hair, dirty the clothing and who wants to get pelletted with bugs while going down the highway. Kathleen thought of this one, and I'm always up for a challenge. Also included are photos of our trip to Jamestown and Grand Wig.

Reflections of Summer Sharon DeWitt Outreach Award

A quick review of a wonderful summer from Midnight at the Fox for a Rocky Horror Picture Show To Noon and carrying the flag at my second Pridfest Parade. We also tried several new bars and restaurants most received favorable ratings.

Talent Show Sharon DeWitt Follies2

This Talent Show was held at a club meeting. Although Out and About is pointed more towards getting out in everyday places, transgender club meetings like the StLGF or the Party Girls are certainly a good starting point.

New Year's EveSharon DeWitt

A fairytale night when everything went right.

Limo Night Limo night with Sharon DeWitt

Originally titled St. Louis night life. I do love the the night life. This page is mostly photos of a really nice evening at two bars downtown.

Girls' Night Out TG Girls Night out

Someone once said for every additional TG in a group, chances of being spotted quadruple. My reply is your going to get spotted anyway so let them know your safe, friendly, minding your own business and out to have some fun.(More girls nights out in the Gallery)

Joe Hanon's Joe Hanon's With Sharon DeWitt

The first straight bar I could call my home bar. It was my "Cheers." Several of us went there one night after a meeting, the employees were very friendly as were most of the customers. I enjoyed the Stacey Collins band and after finding they played there every Wed and Thurs, I started going by myself on Thursday evenings. Once in awhile I was able to talk another sister into joining me. The photos are from one of our t visits before Joe Hanon's closed and was replaced by a sports bar. We have since moved our "Cheers" to Generations

Danielle's TG Party

A party at another TG's house isn't quite the same as getting out in public, but certainly can be a lot of fun and Danielle sure can throw a party. Thank you Danielle for your wonderful parties. Just a sneak peak with some photos.

Shopping and Fun St Louis Shopping

A day trip downtown with Rita inspired me to write this article. One of my early shopping experiences, I was a bit concerned about what others would think and how they would react. My what a difference in ones confidence, a few times out shopping can make.

The ZooSt Louis Zoo at Christmas Sharon DeWitt

Who does not love the Zoo and Christmas. Those were some of my thoughts as Terry and I headed for the zoo one snowy Saturday afternoon to create some winter wonderland photos.

NinosNino's with Sharon DeWitt

Sometimes some of the best events happen without even planning ahead. Dinner at Ninos was just such an event. One of our first attempts at dining in the County that gave us the confidence to eventually push our boundaries far beyond our fantasies.

Friendly City St. Louis Day Trip

One of my earliest day trips after my rebirth(coming out.) Linda and I spent the day and evening on the go in St. Louis. Everyone we talked to was open and friendly. Had this day gone the other way, everything that followed may have not occurred.

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