Art Prom 2004

Do you enjoy getting out on Halloween and wish it was more than once a year? Well Art Prom is a close second. Art Prom was held in January and is an annual event, although I believe it has a different theme every year. Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004Art Prom is for all those individuals that missed or just wanted to try again their high school prom. Did you want to bring a same sex partner? Maybe you wanted to wear plaid jacket or no pants? Did you want to wear a full length formal or a tutu? This party was your chance if you didn't miss it? If you did  miss it because it was sold out, don't worry, this was the 3rd and hopefully it will be back next year.

Believe it or not the party was held in an old police station and yes there were three policemen at the door when I arrived. I believe they were off duty and acting as security for the party, but who knows maybe they were waiting for me. I just said hi as I strolled by.

A nun grabbed me as I walked in and dragged me to the side. Seems there was a problem with the length of my dress. She had a yardstick and wanted to measure something or maybe just whack me.

Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004I told her the hem touched the ground when I would kneel down, but didn't feel like praying at the moment so she let me go.

There were several rooms and cells with lots going on. I was hoping for some food and sure enough there was a mini buffet. The restrooms were all unisex.   The whole place was decorated and more people were arriving by the moment. We did receive some questioning looks, but everyone was very friendly. We had several gals and guys give us compliments on our legs, what a rush.

Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004

I saw so many beautiful gowns and gave out several compliments. A couple of gals had on formals made out of plastic bags. Another darling young lady had on an absolutely fabulous floor length red sequined gown. Of course, the three of us were not dressed too shabby. Temperature was in the teens, but that didn't stop me from going with a short dress. 

The band was good and the dancing great. A lovely lady danced with me and after our first dance we actually got some applause, must have been for our outfits.

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Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004

Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004 Sharon DeWitt Art Prom 2004

Yes, that was Baton Bob.

P.S. Our photo was in the March 2004 issue of St Louis Magazine.

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