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One of my favorite bands is Planet Boogie. Sharon DeWitt: bandsThey have a great sound and always draw a crowd. Lead singer is Jenni Moser, Rocky is on the keyboardand vocals, Terry drums, Mike guitar and vocal, Bob trumpet and Dennis plays a varity of wind instruments. They have all been friendly to Lisa and I. We even met their extended family one evening and all were friendly. I used to see them at Generations, until Generations discontinued their dances. If you want to catch this great band, they play a couple times a month at Fast Eddies. I also understand they will be back to the Viking for New Years Eve.  

Fast Eddies is not the ideal bar for a transgender. I have not had any trouble there, but have felt a bit uncomfortable. Fast Eddies is also quit a drive, as it is in Alton. An hour driving there and an hour home really cuts into the night. Still once in awhile it is worth it. I hope Planet Boogie gets into some closer night clubs this coming year.  

Sharon DeWitt: bands  House of Rock is not the typical place you might find members of the transgender community--especially on a Wednesday evening, when the place turns into a country rock roadhouse with the sounds of a band called Well Hungarians. “Well Hungarians?”  I’m not even going to go down that road, but for a band with such an, uh, impressive name, they certainly are a nice bunch of guys. John, the lead singer, always has a friendly smile and waves to us, and even came up and talked with us one evening before their performance. This band has been called the best country western band in St. Louis by the Riverfront Times (RFT), and this distinction is well deserved. Lively music, and don’t miss the fiddling.

Sharon DeWitt: bandsAs for House of Rock, all of the staff are really friendly, as are many of the patrons. Our absolute favorite bartender there is Liz. If you drop in tell her Lisa and Sharon say hi. As everywhere, there are some small-minded individuals, but those patrons who are not accepting or tolerant keep it to themselves. This bar is off Lindberg Blvd. in Ronnie’s Plaza in South County. There is a nice size dance floor and lots of seating, but it does start getting crowded after 9:30. 

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