From Donaldson's Cycle to Grand Wig

A motorcycle shop:  Why would I want to even attempt to go there? That was my question to Kathleen. This is not the typical place one would see a tg.  Kathleen is interested in cycles, and being a place one would not normally see a tg, it was a challenge to her.  OK, I’m up for it, but first I need an outfit to match the occasion.  (Did you expect anything else?)  Leather pants and maybe a leather vest.

The weekend arrived, and I still didn’t have my perfect outfit.  Kathleen and I decided to try out a second-hand clothing store.  Looking through the pants, I found three pairs of vinyl pants.   Of the three, one fit very well, although it could have been a couple inches longer.  No vest, so I was only halfwayd there.  That evening I washed the vinyl pants and hung them to dry.

Donaldson's Cycle Donaldson's Cycle Donaldson's Cycle Donaldson's Cycle Donaldson's Cycle

Donaldson's Cycle

Fortunately the pants dried overnight.  I added a crop top and layered with a shirt, leaving the shirt unbuttoned but the tails together.   A pair of boots to complete my ensemble, and I was out the door.  Kathleen was ready, so off we went to Donaldson’s. We arrived around noon and parked right in front.  It was Saturday, and I was surprised there were not more people inside, just a handful and about the same number of salesmen.

Donaldson's Cycle



This was Kathleen’s fantasy, and I know very little about cycles, so I avoided the salesmen.  We were able to get some photos while there.  We did get a few looks, but nobody said anything to us.

Donaldson's Cycle

Our next stop was Jamestown Mall and the JC Penney outlet.  Kathleen says this is a good place to shop for larger sizes.  The DEB store at JM is mostly plus sizes.

shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping

The final stop of the day was Grand Wig.  Emily would also join us there.  They have a great selection, hundreds of reasonably priced nice quality wigs ($25-35), some as low as $19 and some around $100.  Everyone there is friendly and helpful.  Once you decide on a wig, they will trim it if desired.

They also care jewelry, scarves, eyelashes, etc.

Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig Grand Wig

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