Crossdressed at Nino's

I had been busy shopping all day with a tg-girl friend, and it was getting close to dinnertime. There were now four of us and we had no plans. This was to be my first venture into a restaurant in the county, excluding some late night (early morning) stops at Denny's and Steak and Shake. There is a restaurant (Nino's) at West Port Plaza that looks quiet compared to some of the others in that area and seemed to be a place that would be easy to back out of if we were not accepted.

Sharon DeWitt at Nino's

 The parking lot was filling up, so we had to park a fair distance from the restaurant because it was Saturday night and there are several dance bars at West Port. The walk to the restaurant was tense. I kept a lookout for any groups that might cause our transgendered group a problem.

When we entered the restaurant, I noticed a bit of a surprise on the hostess's face and then a smile. I returned a smile, knowing we were welcomed.   The front of the restaurant is a bar area with a small dance floor and an area for a two-man band. The rooms are stucco walls and brick. The walls are covered with paintings. The back area is windowed on one side. Tablecloths are plastic, the type found in many Italian restaurants. There is also a patio area in front for seasonal use.

Sharon DeWitt at Nino'sWe were seated promptly, and I did not notice any patrons paying an undue amount of attention to us, although that would change before the night was over. The waitress was just as nice as the hostess, and we ordered a drink while looking over the menu. The waitress took a group shot of us before the table became cluttered.

Dinner was excellent, everyone had something different, steak, seafood and pasta, and everyone enjoyed what they had ordered. Prices were typical for restaurants in that area. We were there for about an hour and a half enjoying dinner and conversing. As we were leaving, I heard the music coming from the bar area of the restaurant, a song with a Latin rhythm. Before I knew what was happening, the beat pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. If we had gone unnoticed before, that had passed. The gals grabbed a table, and I kept dancing. I can't remember if anyone was dancing when I first started, but within half an hour we had a lively group dancing with us.

Nino's is an excellent choice for a TG friendly, west county restaurant, and Nino himself usually provides the entertainment.  

  Sharon DeWitt at Nino's

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