Summertime Fun 2004

A transgendered summer in review


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I used to think winter was the best time for crossdressing. There are some advantages. It is definitely cooler and the sun sets earlier, so it is easier to get out without being noticed. On the other hand, most places are air conditioned in the summer and usually cooler than in the winter and one can leave off the wig, wear sunglasses, and purse there lips, while driving away from the house. Or stick a tissue up to your face as you pull away. A little risk is always exciting.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 I am glad I didn't miss a chance to get out this summer because it has been another great one for me. Just to recap, Lisa and I have been hitting all our favorite night spots and maybe one or two new ones. My most recent was the bar where StLGF meetings will be this fall. Well, the meetings will be in a banquet area, not the bar. The people there were very friendly, and some of the gals even asked me to dance with them. Drinks were priced reasonably. According to the bartender, there's not a band every weekend, but they had one the night I was there. There is a parking lot close.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 We also tried Aqua Vin(sorry no photos from here), an upscale west county restaurant and bar. we arrived around 9 and proceeded to the patio where the band was playing. No one was dancing and the dance area was small. I was a little concerned as to our acceptance, as I didn't recognize anyone and we received several strange looks. Lisa and I decided to stick it out for at least one drink and maybe one dance so we sat at an outdoor table about as far from the band as one could get. It wasn't that we were trying to hide, it was the only table available.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 After Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 our drink we decided to get that one dance in, and that was when everything changed.  As we headed to the dance area a gal came up to us and introduced herself and mentioned that she had seen us at Generations. We talked for a bit and our tensions eased. then three other gals came up and after a bit of memory jogging I remembered where and when I had met them. We'll the rest of the evening went that way with several gals and a couple men talking with us and mentioning different places where we had met. We even met some new folks. I just hope I can remember their faces next time. Just in case, it never hurts to throw out a smile if someone is looking at you.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 Needless to say we closed the place down. and even spent a few minutes on the front steps talking with some gals.  Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 That was when the only negative remark of the evening came from some guy sitting on the curb by himself. He referred to us in the male gender. Actually I can't be too upset with him,  looking from his side, he was by himself and probably didn't have one dance with a gal all night. whereas we were surrounded by beautiful women all evening.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 Another night spot we final tried out was The Phoenix. The patrons on this bar, were in there twenties and thirties.  Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004 Our first night there was on Labor Day weekend. It wasn't too crowded and everyone was friendly. The gals were more open to us, as is usually the case. The band was good and we did have one exciting moment when when the band took a break and we were asked by one gal if we wanted to dance on the bar. This seems to be a traditional thing there and the gals dancing on the bar get free shots. Well it was definitely a first for us and quite a rush.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004
I decided to walk in the Pridefest Parade again this year. The weather was great. The Vets were not there this year, but the band said I could walk with them. After the parade, I walked around to all the booths—girl, were my feet sore! Vital Voice had a booth and was having a contest. Winners would get their photo taken by a professional photographer, Mike Barnes, and be in the first annual swimsuit issue of Vital Voice. Darned if they didn't contact me a few days later and say I was selected. I hardly ever win anything; maybe I should buy a powerball ticket. I saw a few of the sisters at the fest. Someday I hope to see more.

I went to Toronto for a week with family. Now that is not tg related, but while there, I stumbled across A Walk on the Wild Side. This is a combination crossdresser store, makeover and photo studio, clothing rental, nightspot, and bed and breakfast, and it's all for tg's. I went to their lounge one evening and had a wonderful time.

Sharon DeWitt Summer 2004
When I returned from Toronto, I had my photo shoot, and sure enough, a couple weeks later, there I was in Vital Voice.

Well, the summer is over, as is this article. Fall is here and hopefully a whole new set of experiences.

Time is precious. TG time is limited. Don't let those minutes slip away. Enjoy every minute of it.    

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