Lisa and I have been getting out to night clubs and restaurants for several years now. We are greeted warmly at all our usual places. Recently, after being absent from the Bottleneck Blues bar for about 6 months, the waiter came up to us, greeted us by name, and even remembered our favorite drinks. When I appeared quite impressed, he said, "Well, Sharon, this is the service industry, and we do remember those who treat us well."

At Smitty's, I'll walk in the door, and as soon as she sees me, the bartender brings me my drink. It's simply amazing the looks I get from some of the other patrons when this happens. I would like to think it is just because of my charming personality, but I'm sure a nice tip doesn't hurt.

We were at the Ritz one evening having dinner when our favorite lounge waitress happened to spot us. She held a table in the lounge while we finished our meal. See? When you get good service and tip well because of it, people remember and appreciate you.

If you get good service, are treated properly, and plan on going back, tip well. What is well? In a restaurant, 20% or more is appropriate if they go out of their way to make you comfortable. In nightclubs and bars, you should leave 1-2 dollars per drink.

This is a service industry. Being transgendered will not keep you out the door. If you plan on coming back and want to be welcomed, show your appreciation in the way that means the most to the people out there working their fannies off to earn a living and satisfy you at the same time.

You might be asking yourself what article has to do with a transgender website. Simple - acceptance and tolerance. Not from the employees, but from other patrons. If they see you being treated well by the staff then surely you must be welcomed there.


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