Welcome to TGToday.com, This is a transgender site. In this site is information on: presenting yourself head to toe as a female, the 'fear' issues many of us face, photography tips for crossdressers, TG-friendly places in St. Louis, Missouri, transgender links, and lots more transgender information.


.Sharon DeWitt

Sharon DeWitt at Follies


How to crossdress, look and act feminine.

        Summary page with links for crossdressing to:

Dressing Neck to toe help section for crossdressing.
Beginners Tips to finding your dress size and creating your shape.
Makeup for crossdressers  Step by step for transgender makeup.
  Steps to add shadows to create a feminine illusion.
Eye makeup
  Make eyes look outstanding.
Feminine walking
If you look feminine, you should walk like a female.
Talking  - Talking like a woman takes work.  We can all get part way there.
Wigs: The right one. Which wig is right for you.
Wig care Take care of a wig, and it will last for a long time.
Cleavage  Want great cleavage?   You already have the makings.
Breast Forms   Don't leave home without them. Check this out for that real feel and look.
Makeup tips & safety   Don't get infections.
A bright Idea  Smile and look more feminine someone is watching
Dress Appropriate  Suggestions on what to wear.
Summer Clothing  Clothing and how to stay cool in the summer months.
Shopping tips Some shopping tips from a Chicago TG.
Laser Hair Removal  To make some real changes, go below the surface.
High Heels Torture on the feet. Great sex appeal.  Are they necessary for that sexy look?
How to get ready fast.  Does it take longer than 35 minutes to get ready?
Artificial Nails - Some good news about artificial nails.
Look fashionable on a budget  When and where to shop for a great look.

What is in. Fashion news

Getting out adventures and photos in St. Louis

     Summary page: St Louis transgendered outings, transgender Getting out-
         from "an evening at Art Prom" to "a day at the Zoo". 

     Other cities - Some of my crossdressing adventurers in other cities

       St Louis Transgender Groups and Gatherings - Are you transsexual, a crossdresser, transgendered or just interested in gender expression?
          Want to join a club or attend a meeting?  This will get you started.

Some transgender concerns on stepping out

     Individual crossdressing experiences and thoughts of what drives us and what holds us back.       

Summary page   

   Fears  Sharon DeWitt
   Hate crimes
  Why get out? steps   
  Getting out part 1    
  Getting out part 2
  How I have handled bigots
  What to do if your asked to dance

Gallery: hundreds of photos   

   Gallery summary page  -  Don't expect any nudity on this site.

How to record your new look

Photographic summary Including links to:

Basics of photography Make it simple.
Makeup the eyes Eyes need to be more dramatic in photos.
Controlling shadows Light and flash placement can really improve a photo.
Use of fill-in flash Use the fill-in feature outside.


What is being transgendered all about?
Some basic info for everyone.

A brief summary of each article below: 
  Basic Information  Who are we? Definitions and some transgender statistics.  Why do we crossdress? Are we gay?   Do we feel guilty? Why? Have we told our spouses?  What about SRS (sexual reassignment surgery)? 
  Hello world A brief bio of Sharon Dewitt.  
  Gender Identity Disorder - Dr. reply to mother of a transsexual.

On the lighter side. 
  Stress relief for crossdressers - Anecdote about what goes on when the cat's away.

Links to a variety of Information

    Links summary page  Support groups, other tg sites, resources, shopping, night spots, news, magazines, tg events around the country. etc.

Contact us

    Contact page

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TGToday is a midwest nonprofit web site providing continuously updated information through our dedicated staff and links to quality resources.

The transgendered (transsexual, transvestite, crossdressing) community is changing daily with modern communication. We have come to realize that the community is very diverse and has many different needs. This site is directed mainly toward the crossdresser, but we hope to provide insight into the similar needs of others in the transgendered community.

We welcome links to and from other educational and club sites.



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