How to Crossdress, Look and Act Feminine

Dressing, Makeup, Wigs, and more


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Crossdress shopping Crossdressing Basics

Neck to toe help section forcrossdressing. How to make and use pads, breast forms, nipand tuck, gaffs, legs,etc. In other words: What is needed to look the part.

trans in red Body Proportions

Steps to creating body proportions.

transgender makeupThe Basics of Makeup

transgender at the ritz Breast forms

Don't leave home without them. An absolute necessity for crossdressers. Whether it's rags or silicone, we have to have something up top.

cleavage for crossdressers Creating Cleavage

What's needed to look good.

Special help section for this sore subject. Well, it canbe sore.

the right wig for crossdressing The Right Wig

Is there one right wig or one right wig color for an individual? I think the wig should fit your mood. The down side of having too many wigs is you might spend all night trying to decide which one to wear.


Special section for contouring. An advanced makeup section for help with creating illusions especially for evenings or for photographs.


Eye MakeupEye makeup

Extra attention to the eyes. This is where one can really make a difference in her look. 


It's in the Walk The Feminine Walk

How to walk the walk and move the hips. One more step in hiding that male image.

Feminine talk - This gal is the expert; nobody does it like she does. (off-site link)


transgender wig shopping Wig Care

How to take care of that wig: brushing,cleaning, storing. 





How to Develop a Female Voice (off-site link)

For those who want to pass, having a feminine voice is a must. The master at this is Melanie Anne Phillips. I doubt one in a million will have the success that Melanie has had, but her tape or CD can get you on the right path.

Additional Makeup tips and safety

 Don't get infections. Also some good links for makeup.

Dress Appropriately


at the GaleriaSummerwear

Don't let summer stop you from getting out. Some stripped-down, simple advice on how to dress and stay cooler.

Shopping tips (reprint from Chicago gal)

Get out and shop. Don't worry aboutwhat others may think. If you're in she mode, don't be afraid to use the changing rooms, especially if they are single private cubicles. Trying on before buying is the best way to go to get a good fit.

transgender heels High Heels

Torture on the feet. Great sex appeal. Are they necessary for that sexy look? Maybe not. A bit of history, some personal experiences and a bit of experimenting.

Get ready fast

laser for transgender Laser hair removal

For that finished look, go with laser hair removal. Permanently removing the hair can really make a difference in the appearance of one's skin.

Crossdressing Fashion on a budget

Ever wonder where to get great looking outfits at a reasonable price? Or even better, a great price. Here are some shopping tips.

Artificial Nails - Some new options.

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