Beginners Steps to Creating the right body proportions

Just starting out at crossdressing? Don't know where to begin? The next few pages should help.

Sharon DeWitt Up Against a WallExperiment using a somewhat large dress to find your individual proportion. Try stuffing your undergarments with rags to see what shape looks best on you. Use a belt around the waist. Would a girdle or corset pull in the waist a couple inches? Are you willing to sacrifice a little comfort?

Next check out clothing size charts. This link is to JC Penney which has excellent information in their apparel sizing guide. 
Take your measurements with the padding.
I never liked being overly busty so I keep my upper portions at a B cup or under.
Find a size that approximates your dimensions. Is the bust size close? Your hips will most likely be smaller than the charts.   Add some padding if you feel its necessary for shape, but hips don't have to be as large as the charts say.
Measure bust according to bra size directions in size charts. This should give you bra and cup size. 

Buy a bra in this size and see how it fits. Bra band should be parallel all the way around and straps and band should not be too tight.
Fill the cups with nylons to see if you look proportional.
If all looks well. you now have your sizes. from the bra and cup size, forms can be ordered. For additional size information corsets, longline bras, hosiery, etc Go chart.

St Louis residence - letter from a sister:

I actually had a wonderful experience at Ann's Bra Shop 314-878-4144 . I called their St. Louis County number and was referred to Betty at their O'Fallon store ---------- . I called Betty (recommended) and she said she prefers TG's between 6 & 8 on Thursday evenings. She was extremely nice and helpful and I purchased bras and forms all in one trip. I couldn't have been more pleased. And relieved!

Personally I think this attitude is a bit discrimitory, but you deside.

Is this enough info. to get you started in the right direction? 

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