Breast forms - Don't leave home without them

A fundamental accessory for a male-to-female transgender is a set of breast forms. There are several methods for creating breast, but by far the best is silicone forms. I recently acquired a pair that is absolutely fabulous. (The form on top)

I haven't always had silicone forms. In fact, probably like most young transgendered, I started with rags, stockings or some small article of clothing stuffed in a bra to give some shape to my upper body. I may have even tried tissues at some time in the past. Somewhere along the way, I obtained some foam falsies (am I dating myself here?), providing a little better shape, but the result was far from realistic. Remember the movie where a gal wears a pair of falsies into the pool, and they end up floating on top of the water?

My next step was water-filled balloons. They actually have pretty good movement and weight, but their shape sucks, and they can leak or break. On more than one occasion, I ended up with a wet top and no breast. Talk about a disappointing wet t-shirt contest! I found it necessary to carry a spare or else end the night early.

Finally I decided to try silicone forms. I went with an economical pair first. They had a decent shape, the right weight, and a nice movement with an active body. I tried the larger size first, but they gave me the appearance of intentionally stuffing my bra. Since most clothing is designed for a B cup and my frame is fairly small, I then tried a smaller size, which was better. BreastformUnfortunately, though, those forms could not be adhered to my body. With a little active dancing, sometimes they would migrate (think little old lady). On one occasion at Casa Loma, my silicone form went as far south as the floor. I hope not too many people saw that.

As nice as the old ones were, I wanted forms that would adhere, especially after the Casa incident. After looking around, I came across a pair that was just what I was looking for. I just loved the shape of them, and their non-glossy surface was a plus, so there's no reflection if you wear a thin top. (I actually saw this once on a gg.) So I sent for them.


Nice Forms Very nice

Now that I have had a chance to try out GB's forms, I am really pleased. These forms are soft, light weight, look and feel incredibly real under a blouse or thin sweater, and I love the way they move--much more realistic.

Sharon DeWitt Sharon DeWitt


For adhesive use Hollister Medical Adhesive 7730. This works and the adhesive can be removed from the breast form with Walker Adhesive Remover. If more than one layer of adhesive is on the breast form, removing it can be time consuming. Let the remover soak in awhile before trying to remove and use tissues. I try to use the adhesive only when absolutely necessary, like with backless dresses or see-thru back dresses and blouses or running back dresses that would show bra straps.

Take it from someone who's been around a while--this truly is a case of getting what you pay for. I could have saved a lot of time, effort, and embarrassment (dropping to the floor) by going with the top of the line adhesive.  Get them on and get out there, is that like "get er done"?


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Clean breast forms with a little soap and water after using. If you used adhesive the cleaning task becomes more diffucult.

Don't use adhesive on forms if it isn't needed.

A regular bra will work with most dresses and blouses.

A backless longline strapless bra will work with a lot of strapless, low cut back, or halter dresses available at JC Penny's.(white and black)

A halter bra will work with a halter dress but most do not hold forms very securely. They can be tricky to put on. For a real puzzle try a crisscross bra.

Wear forms without a bra with adhesive for that smooth look.

Remove adhesive from forms after using, this can be time consuming.


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