An Alternate Method For Creating Cleavage

Crossdressers often like to wear low-cut dresses and want to show a little or a lot of cleavage. There are several ways to create cleavage. A company on the web sells a special bra-like item that will create cleavage. Another way is to use tape pulled across the chest. For many, this has been expensive and/or painful. I have used the tape method in the past. I have found it to be uncomfortable, and marks are left on the chest after removal.

A third way is described below and can be made by cutting out a piece of plastic cut from a wastebasket, the top of a storage bin, or any item of flexible plastic of appropriate size.  I used a tin snip to cut out and then sanded edges smooth. A good scissors would probably work. For lack of a better term we will call this plastic a Cleavage Enhancer.

I have experimented with sizes and shapes and have found the two following to be most beneficial. The size of the green one is 9"w X 5"h X 1/16" and the blue one is 11"w X 5"h X 1/16".

A slightly snug bra and breast forms (water balloons or anything with some mass could also work read breastforms) help to keep the plastic in place, but with movement and moisture the skin will eventually let the plastic move and the cleavage will works even if your flat as a pancakedisappear. A few pieces of Transpore tape will help keep it in place. But be careful not to place the tape where it will adhere to the breast form.

An even more secure method is to use a multi-purpose craft adhesive spray. I have found that spraying this adhesive on the inside of the Cleavage Enhancer keeps it in place. Spray a light coat and be sure to let the craft glue dry for 10 to 15 minutes before using.

Insert the Cleavage Enhancer between the breast forms and the chest. Give the skin a little tug toward the center of your chest and up as each side is slipped into place. The coating should lightly stick to the skin and the pressure from the form and the bra will hold the skin in place. This coating will last for several wearings. To finish the illusion, use some dark and/or light powder to contour the breast.

One of my sisters uses an almost identical item, except she has covered her plastic with adhesive tape and coated the inside with rubber cement to make it slightly tacky. Let it dry to become tacky.

Using this insert is inexpensive and much more comfortable than tape.

I received this suggestion:

Hello Girls,
I wanted to write to thank you for your excellent and informative page. I especially found the crating cleavage page helpful; as I was having difficulty with the tape. I made a simple plastic piece and it works great; instead of using glues or adhesives; i bought a small simple luggage strap to hold the plastic in place below my breast forms.

Thanks again!

Thank you, Jennifer. 


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