Appropriate Clothing:

Suggestions for Dress When Going Out

Do's and Don'ts of CrossdressingWho is dressed to go to a straight bar and who is dressed for Halloween?

On Halloween anything goes, but the rest of the year consider the bar and what a female would wear. The age you are projecting is also important to consider. When going to a Transgender bar, a crossdresser can get away with almost anything within reason. Leave the bedroom clothes in the bedroom.

A gay bar that has drag shows is accustomed to seeing crossdressers with shorter skirts, higher heels and a bit of kinky wear.

When going to a straight bar, clothing should be in a range from conservative to a fancy dress that one might see a gg wear out. Skirts at mid thigh or longer unless you are incredibly passable. Wear sleeves on dresses and blouses if your arms are very manly and you are self-conscious about it.

That's Better Sharon DeWittThe further away from such standards, the more disapproving looks. If you dress like a total slut (garters showing, skirt up to the cheeks, 6" heels, inch long eyelashes, etc), the image does not reflect well on the TG community and may invite a potentially dangerous incident in the general public. Being flamboyant does work well sometimes, but will attract attention.

Lower heels and pants or knee length or longer skirts are good for daytime and evening. Shorts might work if you have the legs to pull it off. Nylons don't work well with shorts. Use less makeup during the day. Shorter and thinner hair generally looks more natural.  

For more information go to crossdressing basics.

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