How to get ready fast

Time is on my side. Well, not any more. So, I don't want to waste a lot of time getting ready to go out. Sometimes, experimenting with makeup can be fun, but sometimes I just want to get it on to look the best I can in the least amount of time necessary and then get out.

There are two basic steps to getting ready, assuming you've already shaved first: the clothing and the makeup.

The clothing is simple: get it ready ahead of time, know exactly what you want to wear, including shoes and the wig, if you have more than one. I usually put on the makeup first so I don't get any on the clothing. I lay the clothing out pretty much in order of how I am going to put it on.

Lay out makeup and brushes. False eyelashes are always my first makeup item; if you use mascara instead, apply it first. For more information on eyes and false eyelashes see my Eye makeup page

While the lashes are setting up, moisturize and apply concealer where needed, blending as you go. If you expect a shadow before the night is over, use a beard concealer or the orange lipstick trick.

Next, put a generous amount of face powder under the eyes and do not take off the excess. (It will catch any eye shadow powder that falls onto your face during application, and then can quickly be whisked away when you're finished with the eyes.)

If you do eyebrows, take a brown powder on a wedge brush and lightly draw on eyebrows, then brush up and out with an eyebrow brush. Next lightly cover the entire eyelid area from lashes to brows with a skin-toned eye shadow, or a face powder can be used. This will make application of eye shadow more consistent. If you used false eyelashes, now is the time to put mascara on the lower lashes and touch up the upper lashes to blend in with the false eyelashes.

I use three lighter eye shadows before the dark, but, if you wish, all you really need in a hurry is the dark (see next paragraph). Start with Cover Girl Radiance, a yellowish powder. Apply in a semi-circle; start by covering the dark area at the inner corner of the eye (in the hollow on the nose), then go down the nose ever so slightly, turn and continue under the whole eye. This helps eliminate blue undertones. Then take a light color, (which will complement the dark shadow you'll do in the next paragraph) and apply it over the entire eyelid. Add some white in the hollow area near the nose, where you previously put the yellowish powder, and you may brush some of that up onto to the brow also.

Next, with a dark eyeshadow, carefully draw a light line from the outer corner of the eye, outward at about a 45 degree angle, two-thirds of the way to the brow. Then brush it in (toward nose) from the end of the line for about a third of the brow's length. Blend the dark powder area into the next third of the eye lid, but do not add any more dark powder.

Line above the eyes with eyeliner, or a thin brush and a very dark eye shadow powder works well, too. The latter may be dampened, but not too wet or it will loosen the eyelashes. If you have a real steady hand and good brush, try a second line of a very light shade right above the dark line.

All of this should have taken 15 minutes so far, excluding shaving.

Now with the eyes finished, brush off the excess face powder that was under the eyes. This should take off any dark powder that fell down.

Use foundation if needed, but definitely if you have beard growth--to cover the beard concealer--blending the foundation up and out. Check out my article (coming soon) on how to get smoother, younger skin in 6 weeks.

Line lips with a lip liner pencil. This can be used all over the lips, although some people think this dries out their lips. Lip liners hold up better and last longer than regular lipstick. Then, if wanted, put regular lipstick on top. I sometimes use a sharp black eyebrow pencil to run a final very, very thin line around my lips for added accent.

Contouring. If you want to recess or bring out some areas of your face now is the time to contour. If you need tips on this, check out my Contouring page.

Now put on the final face powder.

Anything left? First I use Cover Girl eye enhancer arctic glow on the upper part of my cheeks, but not too close under the eyes, and then blush and maybe a few highlights of shimmer.

Finally check the eyelashes to make sure they are on securely. If there are any breaks in the glue line, touch up with glue on a thin piece of cardboard.

For more detailed information on applying makeup see Makeup for crossdressers Step by step for transgender makeup

Slip into your clothing and jewelry and you're out the door.

If getting ready takes more than 35 minutes, then more practice is needed. Eyelashes can be tricky and are usually the culprit in taking extra time. Remember to start on the inside just above the tear duct. A thin layer of glue, on the false eye lash band, works best. Follow the lash line and slowly set the lash band right above the lash line. Gently tap into place.

Although getting ready fast is possible, I often spend 90 minutes or more getting ready. Sometimes picking out the right hair to go with an outfit can take 15 minutes by itself! Also whether in a hurry or not, what can go wrong usually does.

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