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For Long Lasting Lipstick: First apply a lip liner using a lip pencil with color just slightly darker than the color of your lips, completely filling in your lips, rather than merely outlining them. Apply your lipstick, then redefine your lips by outlining them again. Blot with a tissue and reapply lipstick. Use "matte" formula lipsticks for longest wear.

Apply black powder eyeliner along the top of false eyelash to help emphasize the eye.

Wear gloves when you put on nylons, especially if your hands are rough or your nails are long.


Thank you Leza for the following:

My biggest issue with being a CD was always makeup removal, especially in an emergency - being unexpectedly interrupted by wife, girlfriend, roommate, whatever and needing to clean up FAST. Plus, when I first started, I bought various pricey makeup remover products.

one word (well, two): BABY OIL

The most fantastic, cheap, moisturizing, all purpose (mascara, eyeliner, etc, takes it all off in a couple swipes) ever made. Plus nice to use in the shower or bath to soften the skin, and I personally love the scent.

Use contact cement to apply artificial nails(AN). Coat the inside of the AN and your own nail. Let dry for 5 minutes and then apply. Do several nails at once to minimize the time. This process does take extra time, but nails hold well. Soak in water to get off.

Apply false eye lashes before other makeup, then before going out check to make sure they are secure. If there are an gaps touch up with lash adhesive on the corner of a small piece of cardboard about the thickness of an index card. The cardboard gets easily into any cracks.

Best WHR waist to hips ratio is 0.7 (waist 30" hips 42", waist 35" hips 50", waist 26 hips 37)   Journal of Sex Research

When applying lashes, use a thin line of lash glue, no more than twice the thickness of the lash ban.

A big smile and bleached teeth is a huge plus for feminizing the face. Prices start at $15 and go into the thousands.

Always carry two or three safety pins in your purse.

Always use lotion or face cream before applying makeup.

To stop a run in a stocking or pantyhose dab clear fingernail polish at the top of the run. Carry a spare pair in the car or your purse.

For Long Lasting Eye Shadow: Apply concealer to your eyelids, before applying your eye shadow.

For Long Lasting Eyeliner: Apply pencil eyeliner to your eyes. Then brush the same color powder eye shadow over the eyeliner. It should last all day.

For Long Lasting Foundation: First apply a moisturizer throughout your face. Then apply a liquid foundation, making sure to cover your entire face. Apply a concealer under your eyes and to blemishes. Then apply generous quantities of pressed or loose powder to lock in the foundation, making sure to brush away the excess. If you have oily skin, use an oil-free foundation. If your skin is dry, use a moisturizing foundation. If your foundation still isn't lasting all day, your moisturizer may not be optimal for your skin. If your skin is oily, your make-up may be traveling, and you may need an oil-free moisturizer. If your skin is dry, it may be soaking up your foundation. In this case, you may need a cream moisturizer in addition to a moisturizing foundation.

Don't store make-up in the car are other places that may get hot.

Makeup should only be used for about three months after that there is a risk of infection.

Clean brushes and sponges regularly.

Don't apply makeup while driving.

If you use duct tape, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

If you use glue-on nails, do not rush taking them off.

Apply a coat of nail polish to nails, let dry then apply glue-on nails. The nails will come off easier at the end of the evening.

Don't have pierced ears? Sharon DeWitt cuts the post off earrings and then puts a drop of fingernail glue on the back of the earring and applies the earring to her earlobe. This gives the appearance of a pierced ear and stays on all evening.



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