Artificial Nails

Do you try to hide your hands because your nails look bad? Does nail polish fall short of helping your hand look better? Would you like to have long manicured nails, but they just keep splitting and cracking? Do you find artificial nails too small?

There is good news. The artificial nail industry is starting to listen to its customers. New nail options are showing up on the shelves: Nails for larger hands, nails that are flatter, even flexible fit nails.

More companies offer flatter nails that don't pop off flat nail beds. Kiss CustomFit nails are flatter and self-stick. There are also larger nails being offered, but don't be fooled by the packaging. Fing'rs has a French manicure nail kit that states on the box "LARGER SIZE HANDS" but when I compared the nails to their "Flatter" nails, the difference was minuscule. Both are too small for the an average size transgender.

I really like the Nailene Flex for Comfort nail kit. Not only do these fit flatter nail beds, the kit contains some larger nails. This kit is not presently being offered as self-stick.

Several gals have asked about self-stick tabs. Fingrs used to package 100 self-stick nail tabs that held nails on very well. Unfortunately, I have not seen them on any shelves lately, nor are they listed on the Fingrs web site. (This author's comment: The product must have been too good, and people were buying the tabs instead of new nail sets. Why sell 100 tabs for $1.50 for 10 wearings when you can sell a box of nails for $5 to $9 for 2 wearings?)

I’m sure there are alternative methods of adhering artificial nails. One gal I know uses contact cement. Coat the inside of the artificial nails and your own nail. Let dry for 5 minutes and then apply. Do several nails at once to minimize the time. This process does take extra time, but nails hold well. Soak in water to get off.

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