Choosing the Right Wig

When I purchase a wig, I take into consideration material, construction, size, color and style. 

Synthetic fiber instead of human hair is probably best for a crossdresser. The new fibers look just as natural, older synthetic wigs were coarse and/or shiny. Synthetics are easier to take care of. Human hair wigs can be styled more than fiber, but they also need to be styled more. Most synthetic wigs can be given a shake and a couple brush strokes and your ready to go. Synthetics are also easier to clean.

If you are looking for a full wig, be careful not to order a partial wig with names such as wiglets, clipons, extensions, falls, cascades, hair piece, topette, hair raiser comb, 3/4 cap, 3/4 wig, switch, elastic band, head band, etc. If ordering over the internet, be sure it says wig.

Make sure the hair strands are full enough so the wig cap or wefts do not show through. Too many strands of hair can make the wig overly heavy, holding in too much heat and being uncomfortably warm.

Most wigs just come in average size and, for most heads, that works fine. If a wig comes in sizes, find a sizing chart on the internet or in a catalog. I do know transgendered individuals that can only wear wigs that are large.That's alot of Sharons

Color and style. This is a matter of personal preference. Go with what makes you feel the best. Many crossdressers believe they need long, dark hair to cover up with. Well surprise!--long hair attracts attention and dark hair accents wrinkles. For those who look over 40, the long hair often looks unnatural. Many different styles and colors will work, just as with women changing their hair color and styling their hair.

If you are trying to blend in, go to a mall and observe women your age and size. What is the predominate color, length, style, and cut. Go find a wig to match this look. Most likely it will not be an every wave and curl in place wig.

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