Want to look more feminine? Smile!


Is someone eyeing you?  Some men are attracted to breasts, some to hips and thighs. That might be their judgment as to whether you look feminine. A little extra padding can help there. Studies have shown that certain dimensions are more attractive than others. It doesn't seem to matter what your waist size if the breasts and hips are proportionally larger.  Research has that ratio at .7 for waist to hips.  Of course, those breasts better be pretty close to the hips for that hourglass look. As long as you're working on the breasts, don't forget the cleavage.  Some nice cleavage can always confuse a few people. Maybe even make a few women a little jealous.

Some people start at the feet and work their way up. Great shoes always help Pointed toes seem to have some special attraction. Go for it, but know you will pay with sore toes. High heels reshape the calves and give an extra dimension to the buttock. A four- to five-inch heel makes the buttocks protrude about 25%. A waist cincher or corset can take a few inches off, and if you're into masochism, you might even enjoy wearing it.

Movement is important.  In today's society, many women tend to walk more like men than women, but I have seen very few with the typical male "fall forward and catch yourself" walk. Slow down, sashay, move the hips a bit side to side. Move your arms and hands; women love to talk with their hands.

What about those eyes? How much money is spent each year on making the eyes more attractive? Billions! Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara--and the list doesn't stop there. Contacts, fashion glasses, eye drops to get thered out, eye serum to take away the puffiness, eye lotions, not to mention Botox. Eye surgeries: lower, upper, and in between. Don't forget to bring the brows out to line up with the outer eye and the corner of the nose.

Is it all in the numbers? One might think so. How about the lips? Those full lips look great. The Cupid's bow just adds that extra wow. Yes, there is a perfect ratio for lips, with the lower lip being slightly larger. I think I'll keep that one to myself. I don't want you getting out the caliper every time you get ready to go out. Better to concentrate on color.

Certain colors look better with different hair colors; don't stray too much from your blouse or dress color, but contrast is good. Reds can be a disaster, especially if your teeth are not white. Which brings me to a major point in looking more feminine. Women smile, men don't. Women show lots of teeth, men don't.  Everything else helps and adds together in creating that feminine look, but the major eye catcher is the smile.  White teeth and a big smile are the major assets in looking the part. Forget the implants.  Forget the breasts. It's not in the hips. Go for the white--that is the gold. 

So, want to look more feminine? It's in the smile, sweetheart!

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