Dress for the Summer

It is not possible for some of us to do all of the following, but everyone can do some of the following steps to keep cooler:

Ready for a paradeStay out of the sun, if possible. If not, wear a hat with a brim that will shade your face, neck, and maybe even shoulders. I love hats.

Wear a short, light-weight wig or pull a longer wig up in back. Wigs do more to retain body heat than any other article of clothing.

Wear light-weight clothing made of natural fibers, like cotton or silk.

Wear loose-fitting clothing. Loose skirts are very comfortable and, if long enough, will cover most of the legs.

Go sleeveless if possible.

Light-colored fabrics are cooler than dark-colored fabrics.

Don't wear hip pads if you can get by without them.

Shave your legs and wear no or fewer layers of pantyhose or tights. Foundation can be applied to the legs to help cover imperfections.

Don't wear foundation or hose under slacks.

Sandals are cooler than pumps.

Take some cool water along and sip it whether you're thirsty or not.

Use less foundation.

Stay in the air conditioning.


Wear a fashionable, wet scarf around your neck, or a cold-pack scarf, which comes in many colors and prints.

Go a little slower.

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