Walking like a woman

Pull yourself forward: When walking, men generally "fall" forward and catch themselves with the other foot, while women pull themselves forward with their lower extremities. When dressed, we want to walk with our shoulders back and stomach in.

Meander: If we're Type A's, always in a hurry, we must learn to walk slower. Watch women in a store (but don't stare and make them nervous!)--they meander and browse a lot. Learn to imitate this.

Move the hips: Although walking with one foot in front of the other does add to the hip movement, it is not the key to obtaining the feminine wiggle. Anyone who can do the Twist has half of the movement accomplished. The movement originates at the waist. Stand in place and practice by bending the left knee and thrusting the right hip out, then straighten the left knee as you bend the right knee and thrust the left hip out. Practice this movement (best when done with music) everyday to condition the muscles and become accustom to the movement. Over-exaggeration during practice is OK, because it will look more natural when walking. Once accustomed to this movement, try walking as follows:

1. I always use hands and thumbs as a cue that helps me remember to walk like a woman when dressed as a woman. Palms should be slightly forward and thumbs pointing slightly out. As the arm moves back the thumb points further out. The hand positioning and movement also looks feminine and adds to the hip movement.

2. The first few times before the technique is mastered, start by standing in place and doing the hip movement exercise above, then when your right hip is out take a baby step forward as follows.

3. Starting with the left foot moving forward: As it makes contact with the floor, let your left hip thrust out. This movement is helped because the right knee is starting to bend.

4. Don't stop . . . right foot next.

Once the small steps and hip movement are working, slightly increase the length of the stride and eliminate step 2.

Most likely the body will be leaning too far back at first, but don't worry about correcting this until a comfort level has been reached with the walk. Also, as a consequence of this new gait, the feet will automatically move one in front of the other.

Choose the right heel: The higher the heel (of your shoe), the more difficult this gait becomes, but for me, if the heel is too low, the length of my stride gets too long, and I lose the movement. So, I like 4 inch heels best.

Happy feminine walking!

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