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Resources, Papers, Religious Orgs

Web Shopping   clothing, wigs, eyebrows, etc.

Tips makeup, clothing, general

Other Sites:  sites listing tg sites, personal, search sites, misc sites

TG Magazines


Yahoo E-Groups


Southern Comfort

Colorado Gold Rush

Be-All Chicago

Pinkfest Chicago

Events List Places and Dates


Resources, Papers, Religious Orgs.

TGNet Arizona Online ** informative site

Susan's Place Transgender Resources Very well done site also has chat room and post board.

Crystal's Resources Very well done site many "add your own" links

Speaking of Crossdressing - very useful information for outreaching.

St. Louis Transgendered - resources for St Louis and Chicago

Vanessa Glenne's Feminine Moments   Life deserves every moment and my website is a gateway to experiencing a more feminine life in your community. A developing website with a mixture of website links for specific purposes and cross-country business resources.

Home of Transsexual Women’s Resources - Anne Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D

Gianna E. Israel Gender Library: First Time Experiences

Observations About Transgender People By LIN FRASER, M.A./MFCC excellent paper

The Disparate Classification of Gender and Sexual Orientation in American Psychiatry Katherine K. Wilson, Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Inc Also other informative papers at this site

Gender as Illness: Issues of Psychiatric Classification Katherine K. Wilson

Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society. - Very good resources

Gender Identity Disorder Reform

Transsexuality Gender dysphoria

Understanding Transgender Behaviors by Roger E. Peo, Ph.D. http://www.genderweb.org/medical/psych/peounder.html

Yvonnes Place An insightful personal look into many transgender questions.

TRANSGENDER LEGA L was created to accelerate the legal freedom of transgenders

The Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders

Notes on Gender Transition by Anne Vitale, Ph.D.

TransParentcy offers support to Transgender Parents and their family

GenderPAC Information & Events

Gender Identity Disorder Reform

Intersex Society of North America


The Transgender Law and Policy Institute

The National Center for Transgender Equality

Equality Illinois


Houseworks New Yorktransgender housing help

Religious Support Organizations

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis

Web Shopping

TG Friendly Shopping Malls - Building relationships between TG-Friendly Businesses, Services and Professionals and their Transgendered Customers and Clients.

Develop a Female Voice

Paula Young Wigs and Wig Products my favorite web wigs

Roamans - A must catalog for size 12 and over gals 1-800-436-0800

Blair - A Catalog for size S to 3XL casual looking clothing.

Wilshire Wigs and Accessories

Spiegel Ultimate Outlet

Glamour Boutique TG makeup, forms, clothing and accessories

TGnow clothing

CheapTRX 3211 South Grand Blvd St Louis

Eyebrowz - Information and products for eyebrows

Hair Removal and Hairloss resource Hair growth and hair removal products




L'Oreal - Computer makeovers

Maybelline - Computer makeovers

Sally Beauty Tips

Beauty and makeup tips by Marlene Klein



Newport News - Fashion Tips **

Fabric Care

Fashion at Women.com



Diane's Crossdressing Tips **

Other Sites:

Sites Listing TG Sites

Star-Ranger's Transgendered Galaxy Lots of TG's and links to their pages

URNotAlone Thousands of TG's

Susans Place Transgendered Resources Lots of links to various TG resources

Brina Bryant. Lovely gal with lots of links http://brinabryant.ca/webpages/01-Main Page.htm

Milwaukee Transgendered Free transgender personals and more information

Personal Sites

CDfriends Tasteful TG site from Milwaukee. Ellen and friends are doing a wonderful job. Be sure to check this site if you are going to Milwaukee.

Yvonnes Place An insightful look into many transgender questions.

The Lady Within : - Personal site

Tiffany Michelle's TG Tower - Personal site lots of links to personal sites http://www.aracs.net/tiffany/

Nicole Asahi's Fantasy - Personal site

Betty Arend - A St. Louis-based personal site  http://www.bettyarend.com/

Annie's Place: - Photo's from past conventions

Gender Happy: - Personal/ psychology http://www.genderhappy.com/


Travel places for TGs to Stay

A Transgender Haven Tgnorth.com

Fantasy House Denver


Search Sites

Gayscape - The Complete directory to anything Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual on the Internet

gaydemon - gay directory and search engine

Susans Place Transgendered Resources Lots of links to various TG resources


Brenda's Domain

Sexuality.org Society for human sexuality Transgender section

Life's A Draag site with a variety of info including makeup and cleavage illusion

Transgendered Network Internationa l - Some free areas, some fee-based

International Foundation For Gender Education

Pathways Counseling Center (Milwaukee Area) 2645 N. Mayfair Road, Wauwatosa, WI (414) 774-4111 or (262) 774-4111

TG Forum - Some free areas, some fee-based

GlowGirl.com - Guide to transsexual, drag, and crossdressing nightlife in NYC.

Ingersoll Gender Center Seattle, WA

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition

Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA )

Transgender Fund

Pridenet: Worldwide Gay Lesbian Transgender and Bisexual


Femlmage - A Feminine Image Consultant

Transgender Support Site - Melanie Anne Phillips


Girl Talk Excellent magazine for crossdressers


Transgender Community News

E-group or Yahoo group

Yahoo transgender groups: There are approximately 1000 transgender yahoo groups. This link will get you started. Happy hunting!

News Links

The following are sites with current headline news

 -    Breaking News    Current news

Trans news updates

The Transgender Law and Policy Institute Law and policy news.

Fox News.Com key "transgender" in search box

GenderTalk: Web Radio and Trans Resources - speaks for itself

Transgender Crossroads - focused on the midwest News **

Illinois Gender Advocates - Gender advocates of Illinois Transgender Activist organization

Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is a national organization focused on the needs, issues and concerns of gender variant people in human society.

The TransGenderGuide (TGG) : news

Gay St. Louis - area news GLBT

Out in St. Louis area news GLBT

Gay.com Transgender Gazebo


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