Southern Comfort


     September is just around the corner and with September comes Southern Comfort.  I happened to run across these photos and want to say if you have never been to a transgender convention, this is one to consider going to.  With very little effort you can keep very busy every day you are there and it is almost impossible to go away without making several friends.

     If you ever thought you were alone, you can forget those thoughts here.  Talk with enough people and you are bound to find someone in a very similar situation to yours: married, single, children, no children, happily, unhappy, gay, homophobic, crossdresser, pre op or post op transsexual, bi, bondage, fetish, etc.  Ages of these tgals range from the 20's to the 80's.

     There are several workshops throughout the day.  One I found particularly interesting was the dance workshop.  Learn feminine moves when dancing.   Also, consider going to the workshops on voice and dressing appropriately.  The convention has some evening events at the hotel.  One is a talent show that is a lot of fun or you might want to try out for it.  There are also a few so-called field trips.  Sign up for all the trips away from the hotel that you can and experience being out.  If you are from elsewhere, it's doubtful you would ever run into someone you know and if you did would they even recognize you.

     If you don't mind spending a little extra money, try a makeover.  Be sure to sign up early or you will be doing your own and miss a great experience.  Also, get a professional (or semi-professional) photo of yourself as a souvenir.  I still have mine from my very first convention.  Both are a small price to pay compared to the cost of the convention and the hotel. 

     Last but not least, after experiencing several days and nights as a t-girl, you might want to try flying home em fem.


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