LA Revisited

     Flying crossdressed to Los Angeles and spending a weekend en fem was just as exciting the second time around. I did partially retrace my steps from last year, but also ventured into some new territory.

     My adventure actually began the moment I reached the airport. This was my first time flying out of St. Louis en fem, and the first since 9/11. The rumor on the net was that security was clamping down and giving us a hard time, so as I walked into the airport, I felt a few butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

     I was supposed to meet a flying partner, but he was nowhere in sight, so I headed to the counter area to check in. Darn, a line, something about a line that raises my anxiety level. Standing by myself being scrutinized. It will be more comfortable once I get through this line, if I don't run into trouble at the check in. I had all my paperwork in order and my dual identity card handy, but just gave the clerk my drivers license. I received the normal questions about luggage and packing and helpful comments about gates and boarding, and that was it. Wow, piece of cake.

     Well, almost. There was still one more check point I expected--the x-ray area-- and three new, unexpected check points. Seeing people asked to step out of line, get wanded, remove their outerwear (jackets, shoes, etc.), and various other acts, was a bit tense, but as for my being dressed as a woman with a male drivers license, it didn't faze the security people, and only once (in California) did an airline employee or security person address me as "sir."

     A summary of the weekend includes a trip to Syrens to check out the latex. I just couldn't decide, but got the numbers and can order over the net.


     The next stop was Jim Bridges' Salon. I just love that big lipstick, and Jim was his usual upbeat self. After buying out half of his shop, we headed for dinner.



     Venture Inn seems to be a favorite with a pleasant atmosphere and tasty dishes.

     We continued the evening's entertainment at the Queen Mary.



     Shopping the next morning on Hollywood Blvd. Don't miss Frederick's of Hollywood.


     A bit of local color and noise.




     Dinner at a historic downtown hotel. Absolutely elegant and charming. The overlook from the restaurant to the atrium lobby below is magnificent.

     The really special part of this hotel is the nightclub, which we attended after a wonderful dinner.



     Yes, it is Club Girl Talk as in Girl Talk Magazine. It was a perfect night to go, although I imagine any night might be a good night to get out to Club Girl Talk. I managed to get on the dance floor and kick up my heels.







     I did have to change into something cooler. Doesn't hurt to carry a spare dress.


     There were several models there, and some girls from out of town.





     It was Gina Lance's birthday. 39 again-- a girl after my own heart!



     It was a perfect evening, but not the end of the weekend yet.

     Sunday morning we were off to Venture Inn for a Champagne Brunch.

     After a wonderful brunch, what would a trip to LA be without a walk down Venice Beach?


     The shopping is just great there. So many stores with such a variety of clothing. Last year I bought several items. This year it was just fun to watch people.







     Back to the Beverly Garland's for a quick change, then dinner downstairs (nothing fancy, although they do have a band on Friday nights.)




     One more trip to the Queen Mary. Rita likes to see the Drag Shows, and I must admit they do put on a good show at the QM. I like to dance, and they put a pole in just for my entertainment.   :-)

     So much fun!




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