If your going to Milwaukee don't miss C'est La vie located at 231 S 2nd Street.  They have a very nice drag show and the Queens are very friendly.  Lisa and I went with some of the local tgals and had a great time.  

Be sure to check out for more information on Milwaukee.  Ellen, the web mistress,  and a few of her friends, Laurette and Lorri met Lisa and I at a straight bar in Milwaukee. 

The bar was attached to a very nice restaurant and we had dinner before moving to the bar area for some dancing and fun. The night we were there they had a really nice band.  It was delightfully refreshing to find some gals that get out to straight as well as gay bars .  I know not every tg can do so, but I have met so many that can and want to. 

These gals have erased the word fear from their vocabulary when it comes to getting out and going to straight bars. It is definitely an experience that should not be passed up.













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