Every time I go out I try to learn something about my self or have a different experience. One revelation regarding my trip to New Orleans was my ability to pack much

New Orleans

lighter than any other prior trip and to take along far less make-up.

I selected the bare essentials as listed in the makeup basics section and left behind several items. That, although they can be used to create various effects, are not necessary and tend to slow down getting out.

For clothing I was able to pack everything I needed, including all necessary undergarments, 3 dresses, pairs of shoes and 3 wigs in a medium size duffle bag. This was far different than my trip to L.A. with a large suitcase weighing in at 35lbs.

New Orleans is a very lively city at night, mainly the French Quarters and a Casino right across the street.

I was able to get out one night and check out Bourbon St. the bars were quit busy, especially if they had music, and many did. Actually I was quite surprised that anyone even looked twice at me. They did. Not that I was dressed a bit flashy, I was. Not that there were other TG's around, there was not. Just that it was Bourbon St. and any form of dress goes on Bourbon St. I even had one guy give me a little insulting remark in passing insinuating I was a guy. Darn, I am.


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