Traveling to Other Cities

with our entertainment editor

Sharon DeWitt

AtlantaSharon DeWitt at Southern Comfort 

Looking for dinner with 700-800 tgirls. Look no further; get on a plane to Atlanta. Once a year for one week in September Atlanta is packed with transgender. Southern Comfort is the grand mama of TG conventions.  Southern Comfort has lots of activities in and, if your brave enough, out of the hotel.  Make this convention at least once.





ChicagoSharon DeWitt in Chicago

Come see our adventure in Chicago.  What a wild town with so much to do.





DenverSharon DeWitt at Gold Rush


The home of Gold Rush, a popular tg convention held in February.  Denver is very friendly toward the transgender community.  If you go to Gold Rush be sure and get out to enjoy a bit of the city.




Las VegasSharon DeWitt in Las Vegas

A trip out to Las Vegas with my brother proved to be quite a bit of fun.  Although it was a bit to hot to be outside dressed up during the day, the evenings were much cooler and comfortable.   Being overdressed for the occation always brings on more looks, but all the bright lights just called out to me to dressi to the 9's.  My brother enjoyed watching the reactions of people as we walked from casino to casino.





Los AngelesSharon DeWitt in Los Angeles

Don't miss Los Angeles.  If there is only one city you can visit, this is it.  Yes, the Queen Mary Bar is gone, but don't forget Girl Talk Clubs.  Shopping is absolutely super!  This city's openness matches that of San Francisco.




Los Angeles AgainSharon DeWitt in Los Angeles


Once was not enough.  I would love to go back there again someday.





Milwaukee Sharon DeWitt in Milwaukee

Wonderful friends and lots of fun.  Our trip to Milwaukee was short but sweet.



New Orleans

What can I say about New Orleans that everyone hasn't already experienced?  Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras, French Quarter, even a casino or two.  How can one not fit in somewhere on Bourbon Street?



New York, New YorkSharon DeWitt in New York 

If you can't make it there you can't make it anywhere.  Don't miss Times Square at night.







Tunica Sharon DeWitt in Tunica

The Las Vegas of the South.  Well, at least there are a lot of casinos down there, and some entertainment.  Good news is: even though the average age is, well, up there,  casinos want your money and they don't care what you wear.





Toronto Sharon DeWitt in Toronto


The gals in Toronto have a really neat gathering place.  Plus, there are several bars with drag shows and most are within a three block area.




TG GuideTG Guide St Louis Shopping

The St. Louis Guide to retail establishments for the transgendered.  A list of places to shop, eat, etc., that treated this tg the same as everyone else.


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