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     Many visitors to have written in and asked where they can go crossdressed and not be recognized. Sharon DeWitt in Toronto  Some have said they cannot even go out of town without seeing someone they recognize.  Some people have just such luck and others go almost anywhere without being recognized.
      I finally have an answer for the highly visible individual: Go to Toronto.  Toronto offers something that I have not found in the States: Walk on the Wild Side Not only is it a bed and breakfast for tg's, but they also have a fairly well stocked clothing store, including shoes in large sizes, wigs, breast forms, makeup and just about everything else one needs to crossdress.  If that is not enough, they also offer clothing and costume rentals, a makeover room, and storage lockers.
      I hear you saying, "I know a couple places in the States that are like that." Yes, you are right, but do they have an entertainment lounge where a couple dozen other tg's show up on the weekends?   In St Louis, the only place one can find more than a handful of transgendered in one place is at a monthly StLGF club meeting or bimonthly St. Louis Transgender Group meeting.
      I was recently in Toronto on a family vacation, and although we did not stay at Walk on the Wild Side, I was able to stop by Saturday afternoon.  I had a peasant conversation with Blair, and she gave me the ten-cent tour.  She was minding the shop, so our visit was brief.  The place fascinated me, and I went back that evening to check out the entertainment.
      When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of gals already there. Everyone was friendly toward me, and I did not have the feeling of being an outsider that I have sometimes felt elsewhere.  A small group was visiting in the kitchen. Most of the gals were enjoying the karaoke in the lounge area.  They do not serve alcohol, so bring your own if you want to drink.  We had cake and ice cream to celebrate Jen's twenty-ninth birthday.  Those twenty-ninth's just keep rolling around.  Several of the gals tried to get me to sing, but were unsuccessful.  In looking back, I wish I had given it a try.  Well, maybe next time.  I didn't follow my own rule: never pass up an opportunity.
      Sharon DeWitt in Toronto For those adventurous enough to go out on the town in Toronto, there are gay bars, some with drag shows, just a couple blocks away on Church St.   There are also several other mixed straight and gay bars in Toronto. Julie, Tifany and I went to El Convento Rico, a bar on College St. in Little Italy that plays Latin music and has drag shows.   That is an interesting twist. The bar is very friendly to us gals, we didn't even have to wait in line to get in.

     Finding a parking space is a serious problem in Toronto and I ended up parking in a no parking after midnight area and getting a ticket, but it was worth it to get in.

Click here for more information on Take a Walk on the Wild Side and Paddy Aldridge the owner.


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