The Shadow

Note the shadow on the side portrait and how it distracts from the face. This would also happen in a three-quarter view facing right where the flash is to the left of and above the lens. In the straight on view with the hair on the outside boundary of the subject, the shadow is lost and actually helps to emphasize the hair.

The dark background can eliminate the nice scarfshadow. The dark background might be difficult to find large enough for a head to toe shot. This type of background really helps the subject to pop out, but also can emphasizes the contrast and wrinkles.





A bit about arms.

Arm placement can make or break some photos. We should be aware of hair, bulging muscles and wrinkled elbows. Other distracting features can also detract from a photo, so it is important to keep all in mind if possible. Note the phototo to the left, the top of the forearm faces the camera. This angle will show the maximum amount of hair on the arm; also more veins and wrinkles at the finger joints.

Note also that the muscle is more noticeable and the elbow shows wrinkles.Brassy HairIn the next photo, by turning the arm so the underside faces the camera, most of the distracting areas disappear.




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